Arcadia Branded Merchandise Use Customer Focus Enterprise

Arcadia Branded Merchandise Use Customer Focus Enterprise

Arcadia Branded Merchandise


Promotional Products

Customer Focus Package:

Customer Focus Enterprise (advanced eCommerce platform with Enterprise Resource Planning)

Software previously used:

ProspectSoftware, Pegasus Opera, separate website

"I’m happy to recommend Customer Focus Enterprise, we have been using it since April 2010 and it has transformed our business."

Dave Dobson



Arcadia used to use Prospectsoft as their CRM and quoting system and Pegasus Opera for sales order processing and accounts, and although they did ‘talk’ to each other, they had all sorts of problems and inefficiencies associated with using two programs. Also their website and customer facing stock sites used a different platform with completely separate admin.



Customer Focus Enterprise replaced all three platforms with one, fully integrated solution. They have been nothing but pleased with the system and the support they've had in implementing it. "The telephone assistance is second to none, they are very knowledgeable and they also ‘talk your language’."

“There were no hidden costs and the system is costing us less than we were previously paying, so for us it is win win, a better system for a lower price!”

says Dobson



Customer Focus Enterprise has "transformed" Arcadia's business, reducing administration time, improving business processes, and helping Arcadia achieve internationally recognized standards for quality management and environmental management.

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