Plaque Maker Plus Use Customer Focus Enterprise

Plaque Maker Plus Use Customer Focus Enterprise

Plaque Maker Plus


Promotional Products

Customer Focus Package:

Customer Focus Enterprise (advanced eCommerce platform with Enterprise Resource Planning)

Software previously used:


"Customer Focus Enterprise is so much more user friendly than our previous software, and allows us to have full control over the database."

Tracy Pereira



Plaque Maker Plus were in search of software that was specific to their industry, which would allow them to easily maintain their product database and have an integrated, user friendly website with integrated Virtual Samples.



Plaque Maker Plus moved forward with the Customer Focus Enterprise solution, as it was created to meet the needs of promotional product distributors and suppliers. Enterprise provides an intuitive interface through which to manage products and pricing, receive orders and inquiries, and deliver an exceptional user experience to PMP's customers.


“The automation of the back office database, where changes made to products are live on the website within moments, has been the best thing so far!”

says Pereira



Plaque Maker Plus have been able to keep ahead of the competition with a custom built eCommerce website. Customers love the Virtual Sample solution, provided by our sister company Technologo, and PMP are finding that this feature helps to increase engagement.

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